Zak Wilcox

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Founder/Head coach

Zak a Ju Jitsu black belt a BJJ blue belt. Zak is an active competitor in MMA,BJJ & Combat Ju Jitsu. A Welsh, British & World Champion in CJJ . Multiple podium places in BJJ tournaments across the UK and a MMA record of 2-0. Zak runs the day to day at the academy and all the youth programs.

Tom O'Hagan

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Head of BJJ

A BJJ black belt, A Ju Jitsu black belt & a qualified Strength & Conditioning coach, Tom runs the BJJ program at the academy. A British black belt no gi champion, Multiple headlined tournament wins. Tom is at the academy every Tuesday & Thursday. Tom has the knowledge to help any aspiring BJJ athlete achieve their goals on and off the mat

Josh O’Connor

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Head of MMA

Josh runs the MMA program every Friday, One of the hottest prospects in Wales, Josh has a record of 14-0. 7-0 as a professional and 7-0 as an amateur. A former Cage Warriors Academy Champion and Invicta Champion. Josh has now been picked up by the PFL & Bellator

Curtis Dodge

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Head of Judo/Wrestling

Curtis a Judo black belt, A BJJ black belt, A Ju Jitsu black belt and a common wealth gold medalist in Judo and bronze medalist in free style wrestling. A world champion in Combat Ju Jitsu. Curtis pops into the academy when he can to provide us with his knowledge and a system to work with